What Kind of Lawyer Should You Hire?

There are different types of lawyers practicing in the industry. Each has its own specialisation in the field. A lot of people are confused about which type they should hire for specific purposes. Whilst most who work in law will know the general basics of the constitution, some will be more suited for certain situations.

Here are three of the most common types of lawyers, and when you should hire them.

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is also known as a business lawyer. As the name suggests, they’re hired by businesses and corporations to look after their interests. In this category, there are a number of specialisations as well, including:

Small to Large Businesses – Some will specialise in small businesses and start-up companies, whilst others focus on large, well-established companies.

Employment and Labour – They ensure that the business or company is following state laws. They also deal with employee contracts.

Finance and Securities – These are very specific professionals who are mostly hired by banks. Some individuals or companies will hire them when dealing with stock selling or money issuance. They’re the go-to option for problems with taxes.

Mergers and Acquisitions – If you’ve got a company or business that you’re planning to sell or buy, this is the type of lawyer you want.

Intellectual Property – Those who are in this field are concerned with protecting properties that are not tangible. This includes ideas, plans or designs. They deal with protecting patents, trademarks and copyrights. Those who specialise in patent laws have to take further education to specialise. It also requires some technical units. Furthermore, most lawyers specialise solely in one aspect of intellectual property.

Family Lawyer

As the name suggests, this type of lawyer handles everything involving families. This could be something as simple as family and estate planning. They draft prenuptial agreements. In most cases, they handle divorce-related litigation, including custody battles and division of assets. Others specialise in the field in divorces, whilst some will choose to focus on family law in general.

Criminal Lawyer

This type of lawyer is one of the most common types we see in TV shows and movies. It’s their job to defend those who are accused of committing crimes. If the person has pleaded guilty to the crime, it’s their goal to reduce the accused’s sentence. If there are reasonable grounds for believing that the person is innocent, they will fight to keep them out of prison.

These lawyers can handle anything from small crimes to major ones. Most people who work in criminal law are required to have some experience in prosecution, either in school or on the job.

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