What are the Cases Handled by Criminal Defence Lawyers?

Have you experienced getting charged for a crime you didn’t commit? It’s a good thing you don’t have to face those allegations alone. As your criminal defence lawyers, we’ll do everything possible to make sure justice will be served. Here are cases we handle:

Violation of Traffic Rules

As a new driver in the country, you may not be too familiar with the traffic rules and regulations. Hence, when a police car tells you to pull over, you should remember everything that happens from there then call us. Besides, the cop may arrest you in the wrong manner.

Domestic Abuse

Are you always getting beat up by your husband? You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late before you decide to do something about it. When you give us a call, we’ll inform you regarding the steps you should take. It’s no secret your children won’t like the sight of their parents fighting, so this needs to be resolved quickly.

Drug Charges

Illegal and addictive drugs can ruin the lives of young people, so getting addicted to it is a severe crime. Hence, there is a big possibility other evil minds will try to stash illegal drugs in your car. When police officers wrongfully charge you with possession of narcotics, contact us and we’ll try our best to prove your innocence.


When you are caught up in a public fight with someone, you’ll both get brought to the police station. The next thing you must do is call us and we’ll prove to everyone why you shouldn’t be blamed for the fight. It won’t be long before you get released.

As knowledgeable criminal defence lawyers, we have a proven record of defending the rights of our clients. Of course, we advise you tell us the truth, so we can properly defend your rights. You’ll feel very confident once you have someone of our credentials by your side.